Where did Extreme-Down move?


Extreme-Down has moved?

Extreme Downis a website that allows users to download files in bulk. Although it is not allowed by law to share files, it is known to be a reliable source for finding apps, videos, games and many other types of file content. But for some time, the website no longer works at its original address and has moved elsewhere.

During the last years,Extreme Downhas become very popular and attractive to Internet users. As soon as they chose to download a file from the site, a campaign to censor it was launched. Therefore, the authorities of the website decided to move it from one address to another to facilitate its functioning.

Since its inception in 2009, DDL Extreme Down has been a popular website for downloading movies and series. However, the site recently changed its domain name, which caused it to move to a new location. The reason for this move is that the site had been blocked by the French authorities, which led to its closure. Luckily, the site was relaunched under a new name and URL, which allowed it to continue offering free movies and series to its users. DDL Extreme Down’s new domain name is now ddl-extreme.ws, which shows the team’s determination to continue providing quality services to its users.

DDL Extreme Down changes domain name

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Where did Extreme-Down go?

Extreme Downhas moved to a different address which can be found on their web page. Although the new address is not so easily recognizable, it is very easy to find once the visitor knows where to look.

Additionally, the website offers other users to use their download links to download apps, games, and videos from other popular websites such asMedia Fire,TorrentzAndMegaUpload. This way, users can enjoy the benefits of the service without the risk of getting banned.

What are the characteristics of movement?

After the move, the features and benefits that came with users onExtreme Downhave been retained. So the same benefits they had before are still valid at the new address. Also, the new web address is very secure and safe and does not require the installation of any additional software to proceed with thedownload.

Comparative table

Web address Features
Old address Censored by the authorities,Downloaddifficult
New address Safer,Downloadeasy and fast

In sum, although theExtreme Downhas not closed, it has been moved to a different web address to preserve its features and services. Users can still download files from the site, but they have to make sure to find the new address.

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