Cpasmal: The future must-see spot from 2023!

Cpasmal: the new address in 2023!

Cpasbienis a French torrent download site that became famous in the 2010s. It allowed to find torrent files to download movies, series, music, games and software.

But with the rise of the fight against piracy, Cpasbien encountered many legal and technical problems. Indeed, the site has been blocked several times by Internet service providers (ISPs) and has suffered attacks from the authorities.

Cpasmal is the future address that all torrent lovers will have to memorize by 2023. Indeed, the current cpasbien address being regularly blocked, the founders have decided to launch a new official address to continue to offer Internet users the latest releases. films, series and many other torrent files. But the novelty with Cpasmal is not limited only to the download platform. In addition to this, events will be organized to promote or release certain films that you can download from the site. This initiative is a way for Cpasmal to stand out from its competitors and offer a unique experience to its users. In addition, with this new address, the founders want to stand out from the pirate sites that abound on the web and offer Internet users a completely legal download site. Of course, the security will also be reinforced compared to the old address so that users can download their files with complete peace of mind. Cpasmal: the next great address for all your upcoming events in 2023, is an additional argument to predict the success of the new cpasbien address. In any case, you will have to wait a little longer to discover all the features available on Cpasmal. In the meantime, we can already look forward to the upcoming arrival of this new address to continue downloading all our favorite films and series.

Cpasmal: the next great address for all your upcoming events in 2023

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The new address of Cpasmal in 2023

Faced with these difficulties, the owners of Cpasbien have decided to create a new official address:Cpasmal. This new site has been in the works for several months now and should be launched in 2023.

The name Cpasmal comes from the contraction of Cpasbien and “malin”, to reflect the cunning and cunning needed to continue downloading files without getting caught.

Features of Cpasmal

According to the first information that leaked,Cpasmalshould offer the same services as Cpasbien, with a similar interface and a regularly updated database of torrent files.

However, the owners of Cpasmal have also announced that the site will be more secure and more resistant to attacks from authorities and ISPs. Several privacy and anonymity protection tools should be included to allow users to download safely.

Alternatives to Cpasbien and Cpasmal

Of course, Cpasbien is not the only torrent download site in France. There are many other similar sites, such asDownload zone,Torrent9,OMG TorrentorYggTorrent.

However, each site has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to choose well according to your needs and expectations. In addition, it is recommended to use a VPN to download safely and avoid legal problems.


Q: Will Cpasmal be legal?

A: Like Cpasbien, Cpasmal is not intended to be a legal site. However, using torrents to download non-copyrighted files is not prohibited.

Q: Will Cpasmal be free?

A: Yes, like Cpasbien, Cpasmal should be completely free. However, some torrent files may be chargeable depending on the sources and sharing rules in force.


The new official address of Cpasbien,Cpasmal, promises to offer fans of torrent downloading a new, secure and regularly updated platform. However, there is no guarantee that the site will not encounter the same legal problems as its predecessor. It is therefore important to continue downloading safely, using a VPN and choosing the most reliable sources.

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