How to protect your computer from attacks and disasters?

How to protect your computer from attacks and disasters?

Ignore today risks of computer attacks is a fatal error that can be costly for users. Daily the frequency of computer attacks are revealed in different sectors. Of the protective measures adequate are therefore necessary to protect yourself against hackers and criminals present on the Internet. The big question remains how to stay safe? We answer this question in this article.

Connecting to a secure network

Connecting to the Internet is already a risk for your computer. This is a reality that many people do not know. It is also the first gateway to pirates who seek by all means to access the computer of others. You have to have the reflex to connect using SSL/TLS. This precaution is not enough to avoid reinforcing the security of your devices in another way especially when the latter are received with default settings. The default configuration is not reassuring enough as one might think. A default configuration that is too permissive for a router must awaken in you the responsibility to harden your system security for greater assurance. This is even more important when you are purchasing devices that someone else is already using.

Enabling and configuring firewalls

Its operation seems identical to that of a router in the majority of cases. This method helps to control the flow of information between the computer and the internet. The device avoids disclosure of personal data thanks to the gateway creation. All attempted intrusion in your computer system is immediately reported. THE firewall lock is possible with a strong password on the computer so that no one can deactivate it without your knowledge.

Antivirus and Antispyware

This is the other solution that must be accompanied by regular update of the computer to keep it secure. This is true not only for your computer, but also for your phone against any intrusion. But also pay attention to fake updates. We must try to find out what your IP is to better reassure you that your computer is in good condition. Today, the malware database on which the antivirus is based is almost known and therefore no longer guarantees maximum security.

What must be recognized in computing today is that there is a large number of software which can no longer recognize a new “malware”. The presence of malware is also another reality that must be taken seriously by strengthening the security of your system. For greater security, we must now rely on antivirus which integrates anti-spyware.

Automatic removal of unnecessary software

A software vulnerability can lead to an attack on your computer. Less software is therefore the cause of reduction of the level of vulnerability of the computer. The possibilities of attack are also favored by non-essential services and others default features installed on the computer.

Beware of VPNs

Those of private networks which present encrypted data are more to be feared when it is necessary communicate via the Internet. Direct access to the network caused by the VPN reduces the effectiveness of firewall in place. You have to have the reflex to find a access blocking mechanism to an employee who is no longer part of the team. Apart from the use of strong passwords you have to think of a system two-factor authentication with certificates for example. With some changing code keys, between workstations, it is very easy to have an identification of the devices used by this or that employee.

Follow the PoLP

This provision is a precaution in case of attack. In other words, it is about having two user accounts, one standard for daily activities and the other of an administrative nature. In such a case, the damage is reduced even when malware manages to infect the computer. Operation in the event of infection is not less controlled than that insofar as it is done according to the user rights in connection.

Staff training

Security does not fail when everyone is almost at the same level of attention. Only one failure in the work chain can reduce the alertness of others to nothing. We must train the people we work with by giving them the good behaviors necessary for security of all. This training must take into account a process of regular backup of information the most important.

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