Will the new iPhone 17 Slim end Apple’s ‘Plus’ series? Discover the juicy details!

Will the new iPhone 17 Slim end Apple’s ‘Plus’ series? Discover the juicy details!

Dive into the heart of the incredible Apple saga with the future iPhone 17 Slim! Will it sound the death knell for the ‘Plus’ range? All the secrets finally revealed!

Will the new iPhone 17 Slim end Apple’s ‘Plus’ series? Discover the juicy details!

Meet iPhone 17, Apple's latest revolutionary smartphone with innovative features and stylish design.

For several years, Apple has offered a range of iPhone smartphones with different categories, including the iPhone, iPhone Pro, iPhone Pro Max, and iPhone Plus. However, rumors are surfacing regarding the possible demise of the ‘Plus’ series with the arrival of the new iPhone 17 Slim in 2025.

A possible replacement for the iPhone Plus

Discover the features of iPhone 17, Apple's latest smartphone, with its innovative design, powerful technology and exceptional features.

According to analyst Jeff Pu of Haitong International Securities, Apple plans to replace the iPhone Plus with a new model, the iPhone 17 Slim. This new version would mark a change in Apple’s smartphone strategy.

The iPhone Plus was popular for its larger screen, ideal for watching multimedia content. However, after two generations and the upcoming arrival of the iPhone 16 Plus, the ‘Plus’ series could bow out.

A more elegant and refined design

Discover the revolutionary features of the new iPhone 17 and immerse yourself in the world of Apple's advanced technology.

The iPhone 17 Slim should stand out with its thinner and more elegant design. According to information provided by Jeff Pu, this iPhone Slim would have a 6.6-inch screen, a better selfie module, and a smaller Dynamic Island. These characteristics suggest a more slender and aesthetic phone.

Additionally, the iPhone 17 Slim would come with 8GB RAM, while the Pro models, the iPhone 17 Pro and 17 Pro Max, would get 12GB RAM. Only the Pro models would also likely to receive the A19 chip, while the iPhone 17 and iPhone 17 Slim could work with the A18 SoC.

The uncertain future of iPhones

With these potential new features, Apple is perhaps hoping to revive interest in its smartphones, because it is undeniable that the brand is currently experiencing a difficult period. The arrival of the new iPhone 17 Slim could be a turning point for the company and mark the start of a new era in the iPhone range.

It is important to emphasize that this information is based on rumors and leaks, and therefore should be taken with a grain of salt. Only Apple’s official presentation will be able to confirm or deny these speculations.

In conclusion, the iPhone 17 Slim could end Apple’s ‘Plus’ series, giving users a thinner, sleeker and more capable phone. To be continued upon the official release of this new iPhone in 2025.

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